August 1, 2016

Moana Bikini Mix and Match

I seem to have this thing for Moana Bikini. This red Moana Bikini top is from the previous years collection and is a size MEDIUM. Originally the straps connected to the back strap of the top but it did not stay on very well for me (potential nip slip territory). I ended up detaching the straps from the back and now tie it around my neck creating a halter type top and it is perfect! It stays on without having to worry about a potential free show. 

These bottoms are from the Paradise Found Moana Bikini Collection as part of the Hidden Treasure Crop Set. They are also a size medium. The light blue and shell pattern on the bottoms really compliment any tan and look so good next to the clear blue waters of Miami Beach. These cheeky bottoms are such a cute cut and are very flattering on the derrière ;)

I love that all Moana Bikini pieces can be paired together and still look good 
(like they were, at some point, intended to be matched together).

Everyone should smile. 

Life really isn't that serious. We make it hard. 
The sun rises, the sun sets. 
We just tend to complicate the process. 

July 17, 2016

Moana Bikini Hidden Treasure Crop Set Review

Moana Bikini Review of the Hidden Treasure Crop Set

Finding a bikini that is accommodating to an active lifestyle is not always easy. This high neck crop set by Moana Bikini is the perfect bikini for any beach / ocean / summer activity that involves more than just laying in the sun. The pattern is also incredible AND did I mention it is reversible with an equally unique pattern on the other side!? Seriously incredible!

Moana Bikini Sizing:
I ordered this set in a size MEDIUM. I was between the small and medium but ended up going with the medium. I could have fit in a small (I have other Moana Bikinis that are a small) but feel the medium is a perfect fit and does not cut in anywhere undesired. It is still tight enough to feel secure in the ocean when a wave hits while offering a bit more coverage than the small would. The top has elastic along the bottom with a comfortable and secure fit without feeling too tight or restricting.

Moana Bikini Shipping:
When I ordered this Moana Bikini it arrived in about 15 business days from the initial order. Recently, Moana Bikini updated their international shipping policy to arrive in only 2-4 days from the initial order which is a serious upgrade! The shipping is $21 USD on all international orders regardless of the total purchase. 

Moana Bikini Pricing:
The prices that show up on each bikini on the Moana website are actually in AUD. This means the set is really only $90 USD. 

All Moana Bikini pieces are limited edition and I suggest whenever you see a Moana Bikini you want available online, order it because they sell out quick! Once the next collection is available the past ones are no longer for sale.

**all photos are my own and photoshop free, taken in Miami :)

April 1, 2016

Moana Bikini Review - Paradise Found

Moana Bikini Review Paradise Found - SALTY SEABREEZE SET 

I was able to buy this Moana Bikini Set (SALTY SEABREEZE SET) on Drop #4. I was originally trying to purchase the Hidden Treasure Crop Set but that was the first to sell out in just minutes. I wanted the crop set because I knew the top would be good for more active ocean adventures. I love sharing my bikini's with everyone and look to help others find the best size/style for them... so with that being said here is my full Moana Bikini Review:

Since I am located in the US and Moana Bikini is based out of Australia I knew it would take a little longer to arrive. I ordered my Moana Bikini February 14th and it arrived to Miami FL February 29th. That is a total of 15 days which was expected. The total USD for this set with shipping came to right under $100. 

Now on to the actual bikini...I ordered a size medium. I have ordered a small bottom in the past from Moana Bikini (found here) but that had more coverage. The bottoms in a medium are extremely comfortable and obviously reversible! As pictured below, one side is hot pink in the center on the front and back and the reverse side is the teal green in the center. I was not sure how the runch bottom would look but I am a huge fan. The bottoms hug your behind and do not cut in at any point. It is minimal coverage but it still feels substantial enough to wear out and about!

The reason I ordered this set in a medium is because of the top. My boobs fluctuate but are generally a 34B (sometimes bigger sometimes smaller). The top is very flattering with the neck strap coming down in the back and tying to keep everything in place. I love the reverse side as well with a purple zig zag design. Even as a medium the top still feels a bit small for me personally. By that I mean it would not be a top to wear if doing anything active. This is a great tanning top but I find that even bending forward I am at risk for an unwanted nip slip. I do love that the straps have versatility and can be crossed, worn straight back or even twisted. 

Helpful Hints & Tips: 
1. When Shopping for Moana I suggest sizing up. I generally wear a small in everything and I am glad that I went with a medium in this Moana Bikini Set.
2. All prices online are in AUD. If you are ordering from the US I suggest converting your total with shipping beforehand. Generally the exchange rate has been 1 Australian Dollar to 1 US Dollar. This means the amount you are actually paying is about 30% less then you expect. WIN!
3. Both pieces come with removable labels that do not leave a hole or mark once it is removed and a cute ziplock Moana bag to keep your bikini safe in. 
4. The Paradise Found collection has been selling like wild fire and if there is a piece or set you want do not hesitate... BUY THE BIKINI. I can promise you will have no regrets! 

I love the vivid colors of this Moana Bikini Set and the creative prints & original designs! As a bikini lover I have a great appreciation for the Moana Bikini team and their ability to break the boundaries of a typical brand and create such a strong and faithful following. It is, as Moana Bikini would say, not just a bikini but a lifestyle. 

Now that you have read my full review here are some of my favorite pictures in the newest Moana Bikini Paradise Found Collection, wearing the SALTY SEABREEZE SET in size MEDIUM. 

Bikinis (esp. Moana Bikinis) are like can't have just one of them

March 21, 2016

Balearia Bahamas Boat - Day Trip

I was so excited to try something new and go to the Bahamas for a day trip out of Fort Lauderdale. We took the Balearia Caribbean which is an express boat that goes back and forth from Florida to the Bahamas every day. Unfortunately for me, I tend to get motion sick and the day we went we had roughly 15 ft waves. I ended up having to sit with my head between my legs for the 3+ hour boat ride where I seriously thought my life was in danger. The picture above is more so how I felt once I was back on land and made it (kind of) safely to the Bahamas, Freeport to be exact. It was a chilly day and I sadly wore a jacket the entire time but luckily it stayed sunny for us! 

These are some of my favorite scenic shots from the day spent on the island. We took a taxi from the port to the down town area. Since it was a Sunday a lot of the little shops were closed so we made it right to the beach where we found an incredible infinity pool overlooking the ocean. It was spectacular! 

Even the buildings are the most beautiful shades of blue! 
Jacket: J. Crew
Flannel: Salvation Army

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure"
-William Feather

February 29, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Video

One of my favorite vacations to date was in beautiful Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico. We stayed at the Playa Grande Resort at the very top looking over the rest of the grounds and straight out into the ocean! This video is certainly delayed but here is a fun little video from the trip! 


Video taken using my Gopro HERO 3+

Bikini's worn: