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Hi & Welcome to Styling Chaos

Styling Chaos is a bikini blog (based in Miami) featuring bikinis,
bikini brands, bikini retailers / websites, and everything else to
do with bikinis. Oh and sometimes my tropical travels ;) I started Styling
Chaos purely as a fashion blog and realized my true love
revolved around the beach and not just my outfits! Check out
my BIKINI REVIEWS to get the low down on some of
the best bikini brands out there & the must know info when ordering!

P.S. If you're interested in reading more about why I made the
switch from purely a Fashion Blog to a "Bikini Blog," check
out my post where I go into full detail!!

General Inquiries & Bikini Questions :
heymsetter@gmail.com // @m.setter
(Can't wait to hear from you!!)

XOX Michelle Setter