July 2, 2018

Kireina Bikini Review


Gisele Top in Wine - Size Small
Gisele Bottom in Wine - Size Medium

I recently came across this new cheeky bikini brand Kireina Bikini and knew I
 had to give them a try! Plus, I love this deeper red "wine" color which is also 
perfect to wear for the 4th of July.

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Kireina Bikinis come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and they show their 
model online in a size small. I knew based on her measurements that a small top 
would be a great fit. When it arrived I loved the high quality of the back clasp and 
adjustable shoulder straps. I also love that this top has skinny straps making 
the tan lines very minimal on my shoulders. The actual band that goes around is 
also nice and thick material that doesn't feel like it will stretch out. I 
seriously love how the top fits. 

I decided to go with a size medium in the bottoms for a couple of different 
reasons. It ended up being a perfect fit and the double layered fabric 
is extremely comfortable. 

1. When a brand talks about their bottoms being cheeky I usually size up no 
matter what. This provides a bit more coverage while still being extremely cheeky. 
2. I do not have any bikinis right now with the thin side traps on the bottoms (shocking I know) 
and did not want those cutting in too tightly on my hips. 
3. I also noticed that these bottoms sit very low on the model and wanted to 
have the option of a bit more of a higher placement on my hips. 


Currently Kireina is only shipping within Europe. 


Before you order here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
- The top does not have padding, or even an option for padding (which I prefer) but 
something to keep in mind if you are a padding lover
- All Kireina Bikinis are hand-made and you can tell by their amazing quality!!
- The bottoms have a seamless finish making them extremely comfortable 
especially if you are spending a full day out in the sun
- All styles are made with limited pieces so be aware that certain colors or 
styles could sell out or become unavailable

Happy shopping bikini babes!!! Feel free to email me (stylingchaos@gmail.com)
or DM me on Instagram @stylingchaos with any questions you may have! I love
helping each and every one of you with your purchases :)