May 23, 2017

Moana Bikini Review - Island Time

Moana Bikini 
Bam Bam (Top) // Bird Bath Set (Bottoms)

Can I just say I love Moana Bikini (for multiple reasons) but one of the main ones is the fact that they have the comfiest, most flattering bottoms. I love the way they fit, how they are cheeky but not completely inappropriate, and they are usually reversible! Moana Bikini also does a lot of fun / random giveaways and promotions. I was able to purchase the Bird Bath Set and Bam Bam Top at 20% off during their surprise Easter sale!

TOP - Size Medium
This is my first (ever) bra style bikini top. SHOCKING - I know :) I decided to try the BAM BAM top out in black and loved that it did not have a clasp in the back. This BAM BAM top does not have padding and would be considered a soft cup. I was slightly concerned I would not be able to fill out the medium top but I went for it anyway and I am glad that I did because the fit is perfect! I am a 34 B and the medium fits like a glove. It is not push but it is still extremely flattering. One thing to realize about this top is that it is NOT reversible.

BOTTOMS - Size Medium
For the bottoms (which came in the Bird Bath Set) I also went with a size medium. I have purchased both small and medium bottoms from Moana Bikini and find they both fit great but the mediums obviously fit a bit more relaxed. These bottoms are also cut slightly higher than the previous seasons and can be worn straight across on the hips or slightly up on the sides (the 80's high cut bikinis are coming back and I am not mad about it!!) These bottoms ARE reversible and have a fun jelly fish print on the other side.

Moana Bikini is based out of Australia (Queensland to be exact) and they are now shipping express internationally. So all of you US Moana Babes can now get your bikini in record time once you order. Shipping is roughly $20 USD ($27 AUD) and now orders are delivered in only 2-3 business days after processed! This is THE BEST and perfect for everyone who loves that immediate gratification of an online purchase.

Moana Bikini does not provide regular discounts but they do have flash discounts and random giveaways which could happen anytime! They also tend to sell out of their most popular bikinis quickly so sometimes waiting for a discount is not an option. I got lucky that the Moana Bikini pieces I wanted were available at the time the 20% Easter discount was announced! I have never seen a discount over 20% that could be applied to a full order. Sometimes at the end of the season they will discount specific bikinis but they sold out of everything last season before doing that. If you are thinking about buying a Moana Bikini but want to wait for a discount I recommend knowing ahead of time the bikinis you would buy. If your favorite bikini is sold out have a back up plan of your second choice. If you are dead set on a certain bikini or need it by a certain date I recommend purchasing it without a discount (trust me it's worth it)! IF you are following them on their Instagram @moana_bikini you will be the first to know about any discounts or offers they have!

Happy (Moana Bikini) Shopping - Feel free to email ( or DM me on Instagram @stylingchaos with any questions you may have! I love helping all you bikini babes with your questions / purchases. :)